Dean of the Faculty

Prof. Dr. Moussa Mahamat Boukar

Whether you are a member of our faculty, a postdoctoral fellow, a graduate student, a member of our staff, an undergraduate, or a member of our broader public community, please let me welcome you to the College of Natural Sciences at the .

The College of Natural Sciences is distinguished by a community committed to providing a world-class science education to the next generation, to exploring our endlessly fascinating world, and to answering profound questions about life itself.

We scientists are characteristically a curious bunch. From the far reaches of the universe to the depths of the world’s oceans, we want to know why things are the way they are, and how they work. We spend hours and hours puzzling through mathematical problems, knowing that beautiful solutions lie at the end of the intellectual journey. We have dedicated our lives to exploring cells, molecules, chemical reactions, ecological relationships, computer logic, the origins of life and the universe.

The discoveries that we make transform our view of ourselves and our place in the cosmos. They also have the potential to combine with other findings and impact our world, from personal health care to technology and the environment. The college also impacts the world by graduating more than 2,000 incredibly smart, creative and motivated students, year after year—alumni who become doctors, veterinarians, policymakers, professors, web developers, business owners, technology innovators, and much more.

The College of Natural Sciences is here to support all of these journeys of discovery, and I welcome you to join us.

After all, discovery starts here, and what starts here changes the world.